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Educating about rare coastal plants

Onekawa Te Mawhai Regional Park, Eastern Bay

A collection of rare coastal plants that were once flourishing in New Zealand before people brought domesticated and pest animals to the country have been replanted in an effort to rejuvenate the Onekawa Te Mawhai Regional Park near the Ōhiwa Harbour. This effort has been led by Meg Collins and a small group of environmentally-minded individuals who are making a difference in the Eastern Bay.

Native flora: Flat broom, ngutu-kaka, akiraho, kumarahou, kokihi, sea spurge, kanuka, napuka, sand Daphne, puarangi, ladder fern.
Mana whenua: Ngāti Awa, Te Whakatōhea, Te Ūpokorehe, Ngāi Tūhoe.

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