Creating a greener, healthier, wilder, more resilient region.
Creating a greener, healthier, wilder, more resilient region.
Creating a greener, healthier, wilder, more resilient region
Creating a greener, healthier, wilder, more resilient region.

We’re Connecting People to Enhance and Protect Our Environment

Imagine if the beauty of our country’s national parks was everywhere in our region. How much better would you feel by being able to connect with nature every day? How much would it improve your life and that of your family?

Co-designed, including with iwi, Waiariki Park Region is a movement created to inspire environmental action by reconnecting the people of the wider Bay of Plenty back to each other and nature through sharing stories, knowledge, connections and information. We are seeking a total change to the system as we know it.

The Waiariki rohe stretches from Katikati in the west to Õpõtiki and the Coast in the east, down from Tauranga through Rotorua and into Taupõ and Turangi.

What we will do to deliver our purpose

Work with and be informed by tangata whenua
Provide useful information and opportunities to connect with nature
Inspire environment action and increase knowledge
Share success stories and inspire more action
Act as regional movement for all, with a focus on individual change
Connect organisations and the community

Our vision for the future of Waiariki Park Region

Our goal is to achieve a regional status of well-being for all within a thriving healthy environment. To do this the people of the Waiariki region need to connect with and protect our environment for us and for future generations. Come and join us on our mission.

Waiariki's present
Waiariki's Future
Waiariki's present.
Waiariki's future.
Waiariki's present.
Waiariki's future.

Progress toward our goals

Waiariki Park Region has an online presence and people can join our community.
Content is being shared on our social media accounts and we are growing our online community.
Full Digital Platform with interactive map, is live and the community is engaging.
The community is sharing their stories about engaging with nature on our website.
We're officially launched.

Join our movement and do what you can to help improve our environment

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or expensive. It can be as simple as enjoying nature or joining a local environmental initiative to find out where you can help. Here are some other easy ideas.

Our values

Guide good environmental practice as guardians.
Ensure our intent is good.
Always act in a mana enhancing way.
Act like chiefs for future generations.
Meet face to face when we can.
Join-together, collaborate and unite as a movement.

See our movement in action.

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